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Our Most Recent Form 990

“The club has always inspired me to strive to do great things.  They knew I had potential and they nourished that potential.  They ignited a fire that made me want to strive for more.

Everyone needs good role models.  And everyone has to make decisions about what they want to do with their life.  Just like a football game you can choose to keep playing or you can quit.   

I chose to keep playing because I want to be the same role model that the Boys & Girls Club staff were for me.  I want to help other children tackle their obstacles and encourage them to not quit, but keep playing.    

I am old enough to understand that donors are essential to everything the club provides for the children.   And through contributions like yours. I honestly can say that the Boys & Girls Club has saved my life.   Thank you.”  -Deon Overby

For many children and families, the Boys & Girls Club is more than just a fun place to go. It is life-changing.