How To Register – School Age

I’m ready to register

To complete the registration form, please have on hand and/or ready to upload:

  • Credit card
  • For new members:  Physical/Immunization Records or Child Health Form a.k.a. “School/Camp Participation Form” signed by your child’s doctor (the doctor’s office will have this form) and immunization records. If your child has a life-threatening food allergy, we require a special dietary needs form that you can get from your program director.
  • Registration fee of $40.00 per child per year.

There is a $10 per week sibling discount (unless weekly fee is $35 or less).


Payment Information

After-school programs charge by the week. Weekly fees are not prorated. The After School Program charges only for the weeks your child attends, and a formal cancellation is not required. Summer camp weeks registered for charge regardless of attendance and a cancellation policy applies as described in the application.

The Club accepts credit or debit cards; we do not accept cash or checks unless families can prove that obtaining a credit card is an undue hardship. Funds are withdrawn the Friday following the week your child attends. Your child may not attend if your account becomes delinquent.




1) State of NH Child Care Scholarship Program

We encourage you to see if New Hampshire will help pay for the cost of child care! To find out more and apply, please visit this site.   After applying you’ll receive a letter in the mail from the State of NH listing your child(ren)’s eligibility dates with the Club.  If you don’t receive this letter within 30 days, you’re not eligible or linked to the Club.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to 844-275-3447.

While you wait for the state scholarship decision, you’re welcome to enroll but must pay the full rate. Once any payments are received from the state and applied to your account, the credits can be used for future fees. If the credit balance exceeds $100 we would be happy to refund your credit card upon request.

2) Club Assistance

We offer a reduced fee based on family income. You will be asked to upload documentation along with the application. Documentation may include three most recent pay stubs, Social Security benefits, food stamps explanation of benefits, etc. Members will be charged the full fee until proof of income or State enrollment is confirmed.

For many children and families, the Boys & Girls Club is more than just a fun place to go. It is life-changing.