Registration and Enrollment

We can’t wait to welcome your child!  We have a two-step registration and enrollment process.  Please follow the steps below and if you have any questions reach out to or (603) 224-1061.

STEP ONE: Fill out the 2024 annual membership form for each child.

This adds them to our system, but does not enroll them in a specific program (for example, it does not enroll them in the after school program or a pre-k classroom).  You only have to fill this form out once per year, even if you enroll them in different programs throughout the year.

You can skip step 1 if you already filled out the annual membership form and are coming back to register your child for another program within the same calendar year (for example, they went to summer camp, and you later decide you want them to go to December vacation camp).

STEP TWO: Choose the program you’d like your child to attend.

Early Childhood Programs

School Age Programs

For many children and families, the Boys & Girls Club is more than just a fun place to go. It is life-changing.