Sports and recreation are a core part of the Boys & Girls Club experience.  Along with the activities offered every day as part of our after school and summer camp programs, we strive to schedule clinics and leagues after hours at our Clubs.  The purpose of these activities is to promote our Youth Development Outcomes, which include: Positive Self Identity, Emotional Competencies, Community Involvement, Health and Well-being and a Moral Compass.

Good to Know

  • Currently enrolled members are free to sign up for an athletic program that takes place at any of our sites (does not have to be at their regular location). There may be an additional fee associated with the program, which will take place after regular hours.
  • Youth who do not attend our after school or summer camp are welcome to participate!
  • Financial Assistance and Scholarships are available for certain athletics programs.  Please contact your athletic director with questions.


Concord (Bradley Street Clubhouse): Ethan Basch,


Athletics Camp is coming to Concord!

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Questions? Contact Ethan at

For many children and families, the Boys & Girls Club is more than just a fun place to go. It is life-changing.