Center Director’s Personal Experience Drives Her

When two-year old “Tommy” arrived at the early learning center, he wasn’t talking or walking—he still scooted across the floor. Concerned, center director Danielle Fifield asked his parents if it would be okay to formally screen him for developmental delays. She sent an Ages and Stages Questionnaire home with them as well, so everyone could compare results. Turns out, he was behind on several indicators. Danielle helped the family connect with Community Bridges and other early intervention resources. She changed his schedule to accommodate the services. She reassured his parents that insurance would cover the cost.

“A lot of parents don’t realize they can get services for children that young,”
she said, “But that’s when it can make the most difference.”

As the mom of a child with autism and learning disabilities, Danielle brings empathy and experience to her role. In fact, it was her son who inspired her to become an early childhood educator. “I left my job in a totally different field and got into this after spending a year at home with my son. I’m doing this job because I want to help others,” she observed.